Trust in the Lord With All Your Heart

Hey There Mama!

Seems like it's been a while since we just chatted! So much has been happening in my life and in the world around us and I know you have some things happening in your life as well. I'm in the process of publishing my next book, entitled "Covered", my son (9yrs old) wrote illustrated and published his first book, then you know there's the whole pandemic thing we are still dealing with. Anywho, what's really on my heart these days is... How are you doing!? How are things in your family and home? I know there has been much transition concerning schools and education for our children. Many parents are working from home in addition to now also assisting their children with virtual learning. How's that going? Have you been able to find childcare for the little ones while you return to work? How is your patience holding up? How are these kids holding up with all the many changes? Child, it's just a lot going on!

I know things may be a bit unusual and probably unsettling to your normal routine, but don't lose hope. You can and you will make it through this! Sometimes we just have to go along peacefully with the shift that God has allowed to happen in our lives trusting that God is yet in control.

Was it always your plan to homeschool? Probably not.

Was it in your plan to have the kids at home doing school virtually while you work virtually as well? Probably not. 

Was in your plan to have to wear a mask just to go to the grocery store? (I dislike wearing a mask, but I do anyway) Probably not. 

What's your point Adale? Well, my point is simply this. Sometimes, things change and we must learn how to properly shift. If everything doesn't line up with what you had planned, will you still trust God? If things unexpectantly change and go "off course" are you flexible enough to go all the way with God. Listen, while I don't believe it is the Lord who caused the pandemic, it is my firm belief that it is the Lord our God who allowed it to happen. In order for it to manifest in the earth it must be approved by God. That being said, do you trust in the Lord? His thoughts are not your thoughts and his ways are not your ways, but do you trust Him?

I do, I believe that ALL THINGS are working together for the good of them (that's me, is that you...) that love the Lord. Some may perish and fall, but my God will provide and sustain His people, even in the midst of a pandemic! Hallelujah! 

Be mindful not to find yourself murmuring and complaining about everything that's going  wrong, so much so that you forget to give God thanks in everything! Has his word not told us in all things to give thanks! (1Thessalonians 5:18) He is yet worthy to be magnified, gloried and highly exalted! He is the Lord our God and he is more than enough. He has not forgotten you and he will not forsake you. When you trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding you're able to give thanks IN the midst of trials.  How? Because you understand and trust in who your God is and that His promise to you is true. 


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