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The Planet of the Lizard
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Hey there mamas! Does you little one LOVE space adventure books like mine!? Well, I invite you to order your very own copy of "The Planet of the Lizard" written and illustrated by the creative 9yr old mind of Joshua Mitchell. Now, this book holds great value to me and the Mitchell house as this is our sons FIRST BOOK!! We are so elated to share this labor of love with you and the world! We are now accepting orders for this book that is now available in print. Grab yourself an autographed copy to receive before the holidays. Who doesn't like a good story with rocket ships, space lizards, friends, robots and heroes! This heroic story of a giant space lizard is going to have your child begging for more. Grab a copy for your child and while you're at it, grab another or two for some friends! Story adventure books make for GREAT holiday gifts or as gifts for anytime. Go ahead and order your copy TODAY!

Order your Book TODAY!!

The Planet of the Lizard was written from the creative mind of a nine year old little boy named Joshua Mitchell.  Joshua lives in Michigan with his parents and is the proud older brother to his twin brother and sister,  Jade and Jacob Mitchell. Who also helped inspire the two adventurous characters in this book. The story takes place in a far away planet,  near the planet Mars, called The Planet of the Lizard. A tiny space lizard named Tody goes on a grand adventure after being launched onto the Earth by his mother in order to escape a falling asteroid that threatens to destroy his entire planet.  He finds new friends, fights off enemies and in the end proves to be a true hero indeed! Are you ready for an adventure! Let’s go!


(available in paperback only)

52 Page (front and back) Full Color
Bright and Engaging
Paperback Book
Age Recommendation 5-10+
( Printed Book will be shipped to specified address given at payment )
Shipping cost is included in price

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