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**This is NOT a faith based music class**

Kids LOVE music!! Music brings joy, peace, comfort, entertainment, learning and so much more to people of ALL AGES! This is why music and movement are a crucial part of every child's life. The benefits of music are truly transformational when paired with play and movement. So what are you waiting for! Join in on the FUN!!! 

The practice of making music gives the brain and body a complete workout. Our activities are designed to encourage multi-sensory learning, which integrates several senses at once, stimulating multiple areas of the brain!
Children interact with you as the parent, the teacher and other peers while being engaged in movement, rhythm and vocal practice that develops far more than just music skills. Our approach to learning music and sound sets up children for  future success in school and in life.

The Sing With Me Toddler Music Class is designed for children ages 1-5, although older or younger siblings may enjoy the sweet sounds of music as well. We don't want to exclude anyone who wants to sing and dance along with us! This is why there is a flat rate cost ($20) that includes anyone in your household!  The cost includes a FUN interactive 4-5 week music class every Thursday at 10:00am EST. Classes continue each month. When you sign up you may either select to subscribe or buy now. When you subscribe you are signing up to participate each month. When you buy now, you are signing up for just one month. We encourage and request that mom or dad or an adult within the home participate with the child. You may unsubscribe from the classes at any time. But the kids love it so much we're sure you will be sticking around for the fun each month!❤❤

In each session we will go over basic music sounds and songs that a child at any age can mimic or repeat. Many of the songs and sounds you will hear repeated throughout the weeks to help with memorization. Things such as our daily welcome song, kids thoroughly enjoy and each week they will look forward to hearing it. Also, we want the children to feel like they are a part of what is happening and not just watching another program or t.v screen. Therefore, I will consistently encourage and help the children participate with each song as we learn them together.

Now, what is a song without a little movement! Sounds make us move! Children will be encouraged to not just sit still, but MOVE to the beat of the song or the lyric. Small handheld instruments are allowed and encouraged but certainly not required. Often we can make the sound of a drum using the floor, a table or even a pot! Kids will enjoy exploring the different sounds everyday household items make and how we can use them to make music!  I would like to stress that this is NOT a class for learning how to play a musical instrument. This class will mainly focus on making music using our voices, by singing songs. The added material of learning sounds and rhythm through exploration play are a bonus and just plain old FUN!



Frequently Asked Questions:

What will my child learn?: Your child will be able to identify sounds. Using their own vocals as well as other everyday household items that make sound! Your child will also learn the basic musical scale and so much more! 
They also learn movement! How to control their own movement to music, all while having FUN! 

What Age is in each class?: These classes are designed for preschool and kindergarten aged children (ages 1-5). However, smaller children and even slightly older children enjoy the class as well. If you have specific questions, please email us at

How Long are the sessions?: Each session is on Thursday(s) each month and lasts for 30 mins. 
How Much are the Classes?:  The cost is $20 for a 4week session (A month). The cost of classes is per household. So no matter how many children you have, it's just one flat rate! You can pay for just one month or for subscribe for monthly classes!

Are the classes online or in a meeting place?  Currently, due to the coronoavirus pandemic, classes are being held online via zoom for the safety and comfort of everyone involved.

How Many Children are in a class? Each class will have a maximum of 20 kids. If we exceed the number of 20 participants we will add an additional day of the week to split the classes. 

How Do I Register My Child? It's simple, to register just fill out the registration form below AND submit a payment using the yellow Subscribe button located beneath the form. Please be sure to fill out the form with your info AND subscribe with payment.

How Do I Pay? You can make payments via the SUBSCRIBE button located on this page. Payments are securely accepted via PayPal using any debit or credit cards as well as PayPal payments. 

There is also an option to pay using the CashApp feature.
CashApp- $motherswithlove (inquire if you have any questions about this)

What is the difference between Subscribe and Buy Now? When you pay using the subscribe option on this page, you are signing up to continue with classes each month. When you select buy now, you are signing up for just one month.

Are there any Materials Needed for this Class? No, there are no required materials needed for this class. However, there are times where the children will be encouraged to make a beat or sound using their hands, table, pot, etc... On occasion the instructor may use the shaker egg, or other small handheld instruments to demonstrate sounds. 

Is this a Faith Based Class?: NO, **This is NOT a faith based music class**


  1. The kids just love this class! So much fun!


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