From Chaos to Calm in a Crisis

So, the spread of the coronavirus has forced working parents into their homes to telecommute all across the country. If that's not enough, the continued spread of this virus has also forced children out of their schools and into their homes as well, as a preventative to the continued spread of this virus.With all the changes happening around us we understand navigating this new life schedule can be a bit of a struggle for both mom and the kids! So we are here to help!

If the reality of being home with your kid for an extended period of time, while still trying to work from home seems IMPOSSIBLE! Don't despair, it can be done! Your family may be stuck at home for a while with little to no exposure to the outside world but please don't panic. Stay at home mom-prenuers have been navigating these waters for quite some time and I want to help you the best way I can. Here are just a few tips...

1. Create a Schedule: Now me personally, I don't do well with hour to hour schedules (they just aren't practical for me) BUT  I do adore a daily checklist of requirements or activities. Create for yourself a daily list of Must-Do's.   It's important for you to to line up your day (for sanity if for nothing else). So an easy way to start is by separating your day into 3 simple parts. Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Doing this will aid you in breaking down your daily responsibilities by time of day rather than specific hourly times. Now, if you are one who has to have a very specific hour by hour, minute by minute type of day to function, that's OK. Do what works best for you.

2. Don't Sweat It!: So, what I mean by this is simple... Don't over think or react to the situation that you are in. The fact of the matter is this, we are ALL in it and we will get through it, together! So, don't sweat it precious mom. Hold on to peace because you are certainly going to need it during these trying times. As opposed to approaching the situation with a heavy heart and mind, choose instead to find the good in the midst of it. One of the good things I get out of the whole situation is that we get to spend more time together at home as a family. Look for a positive instead of just the negative. It will help you in your everyday life to go from chaos to calm.

3. Talk it Out: It's important during this time of isolation that you still find  ways to effectively communicate with others. Whether it's a spouse, sibling, family member or whomever. Don't isolate your thoughts and feelings. Part of the reason some are barely functioning and in a state of depression is because not only have they been shut in but so have their thoughts and feelings. Your friend may not be a licensed therapist but if they're a good friend they can also be a good listening ear. So, talk it out.

4. Create ME Time: Me time is essential even without a crisis. Me time is different for everyone so do what makes YOU happy. Now, for some me time would usually consist of shopping, or going out to eat with friends, etc.. You may not be allowed to do that right now,  so here are a few other ideas you can use that may interest you.

  • Take a warm bath 
  • Find a quiet spot to read a book. 
  • Go for  a walk on your block
  • Sit out on the porch on a nice day
  • Watch your favorite movie on Netflix
  • Write a book or journal entry
  • Listen to your favorite music
5. Organize in Home Activities for the Kids: When things are organized for your kids life if just easier, it just is. Especially if you have smaller young aged children. They definitely need structured activities to occupy their time and bodies. This works for you and them! Put together an activity box of all the things they can play with or do independently or organize a coloring station somewhere in the house. Things like this will help you and the kids stay calm while safely indoors. 

Being quarantined for this time doesn't have to be chaotic and stressful for you or the kids. While you both will desire the pleasure of getting out and getting back to some normal daily activities, you can still take this time and actually enjoy it! So, there you have it mom. From Chaos to Calm in a crisis.


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