Church Notes Activity Packet For Kids!!

Sermon Note Taking Journal and Activity Pack

Introducing- CHURCH NOTES, FOR KIDS!!!

This is note taking and activity packet designed specifically for children! That's why they love it!! In this activity packet you will find colorful pages filled with just what you need to keep your child ENGAGED in any church service and not just something to keep them"busy". 

One of the reasons children find the church "boring" is because it is not specifically designed for the mind of a child. Basically, it's not usually formatted for them and that can make them feel disconnected from the church and even God. I want to help you  foster a love for God and a love for the Lords house in your children with this Church Notes Children's Journal and Activity Packet. This packet can be used in church and some pages of the packet even allow for continued learning at home! 

Do your children DESPISE going to church?? 

Do your children seem to not enjoy learning about the word of God??

Are your children sitting in the pews disconnected from the church service??

Does your child only attend church because you force them to??

Does it seem like their hearts are disconnected from the service??

 If you can answer yes to any of these questions... .There is still hope! Yes! you can help your child engage in worship service along WITH you and Yes! it is possible for children to enjoy church without a children's church program. If your church does offer children's church or a youth program, that's GREAT! However, not all ministries do and that's O.K too. Children can still engage and learn bible truth with the rest of the congregation outside of a youth centered program with this engaging activity packet!!

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Simply Download, Print and USE!!  

Often times it can be difficult for young children or even teens who attend a church that does not offer a children's church or youth program. If your children are anything like mine, they may have expressed to you at some point that church to them is sometimes... "boring". Ouch! that's not exactly something you want to hear your kid say to you, but if it's how they feel we have to get creative and figure out how to help them. Don't despair mom, I'm here to HELP you do just that!  

Helping our children understand the importance of corporate worship and growing in the word of God is something we all want to help our children learn, love and understand. It's important as parents that we instill in them as youth the love of God and the importance and the joy of gathering together in worship for the Lord. As a mother I pray for my children that the Lord will give them a heart and a mind to serve him. This should also be your prayer as a praying mother. The good news is this, we can help our children grow in the things of God by equipping them with resources to help them grow in the word of God. 

Download this printable TODAY!! 
It will  help your child to engage in each church service and more! 

The Activity Packet Includes:

- 17 Colorful Pages

- PDF File for Self Printing

- 8.5x11 Size Pages

- No refunds or exchanges

- Colors may vary depending on computer/printer

**Please Note: This is a downloadable file ONLY. You will not be mailed a physical copy. 
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