Fun Games and Activities for Kids to Play Indoors!

Wondering what to do with your kids when you're stuck at home all day? Our FUN list of activities will keep those kids busy and burning off some much needed energy in no time! Kids of all ages,  can participate in these family fun games and activities!!!

If you're anything like me you're always looking for SOMETHING productive for your kids to do! Whether you're indoors or outdoors kids need to keep busy. We all know that kids are always FULL of energy! And so they need something fun yet productive to hold their time and attention. We're going to give you our list of GREAT IDEAS!

No matter where you may live in the world there's always a reason you may get caught indoors. A rainy day, snow perhaps or it could be just about ANYTHING! The kids don't care about any of that, kids just wanna have FUN! These games will not only combat boredom but will also get those little muscles MOVING! (Win, Win!)

One of my kids favorite things to do is play with BALLOONS!! 

Balloons will always be a FAV among kids! So here's a fun kid friendly game your kids can play with or without you (another WIN WIN!) Now, this game does require you to set it up, but after that you are free and clear, if you wanna be. Younger kids can play this with the older siblings and if you want you can leave them in charge of this game. It's totally up to you. I personally LOVE to play this game with my little people! 

1. Blow up at least 10 multi-color balloons. If you can handle doing more, GO FOR IT!

2. Hide the balloons in different places around the house. In the pantry, under a chair, on top of their pillow, in the laundry basket... you get the idea, right?

3. Have the kid(s) search for the balloons by color. Simply call out which color to start with. (ie... "everyone find the red balloon")

That's it! First person to find the color WINS that color OR if you have multiple reds for example, once each child finds a red balloon they have succeeded everybody did great and everyone is happy!

Another great Balloon Game is POP THE BALLOON! 

This is fun and FUNNY! For the kids at least. Mom, you may get tired of hearing all the POPS from the balloons. But I promise you kids find this hilarious and FUN!!! Here's how you play... and it's soooo simple! It doesn't get any easier than this!!

1. Blow up as many balloons as your lungs can stand! lol Hey you can even have the little ones help you out if they can.

2. Throw them up in the air and let the kids go wild popping as many balloons as they can! Now, there are no sharp objects allowed. To pop the balloons they have to sit on them with their bottom. Fun right!!? The kids sure will think so!

Draw a Funny Face!

This will excite the little artist in your kids!

Blow up any color balloon they like, hand them a marker (washable of course) and let them draw a funny face on the balloon! 

With multiple balloons, this will keep them entertained for at least an hour, maybe more! 
You're welcome! Now, please be sure to supervise small children with this activity. They may be inspired to write on the walls (uh ohhh). good thing is, they are using washable marker!         

Ok, enough of the balloon games and activities (although I do have a ton more!!) Message me if you'd like to see some more balloon activities.

Another favorite indoor activity for kids Sticky Note Wall Plop: 

Attach 26 sticky notes to the back of any door and write a different letter on each one of them (in random order). Make a “start” line a few feet away from the door and have your child stand behind it with a soft ball, stuffed animal or pair of rolled up socks! Now instruct them to throw the object and hit the “A” or the “N”.

Kids with more advanced aim and or spelling skills can try and hit all the letters in specific words (hit the letters that spell a word like "Frog", F-R-O-G) To make even more interesting you can add points to the back side of each letter. At the end of the game, whomever has the most point WINS! Playing with points is completely optional. Want to include a bit of exercise with this game? Get the kids moving with clean up time. Make them responsible for picking up the stuffed animals or rolled up pairs of socks. They can even possibly help with removing the sticky notes.

Lego Color Hunting: 
This is another kid favorite you just have to try! And it doesn't hurt that it's super easy to put together and do. So first you select 4 pieces of colored construction paper and then collect 10 Lego pieces that match each color of construction paper (ie. 10 yellow Lego pieces for a yellow piece of paper). Now, go hide all of the Lego pieces in one area of your house and lay out the colored paper on a table or the floor nearby. Start the countdown and have your kid(s) start hunting! The kids must find and place the matching color Lego piece to the correct color construction paper sheet. To keep the fun rolling, after all the Lego's have been collected let the kids build a ship! Fun, Fun and more FUN! 

Indoor Bowling:

If you don't have the indoor bowling game they sell at the store, make your own!!
It's pretty simple with just a pack of plastic cups and one of the kids balls. If you want to really do it big, you can even create a bowling lane using painting tape or whatever you have laying around the house. 

There are TONS of activities to engage in with your kids indoors!! I'll be adding to this list of games and activities soon! In the mean time, these will surely get you by and offer you lots of fun and laughter! Enjoy your children precious moms!

While you're waiting, some more of our classic favorites are listed below:

Simon Says

Freeze Tag
Red Light Green Light
I Spy With My Little Eye

You CAN'T lose with these old time favorites! Your children's children will love these games, they are classic! Will be enjoyed for many years to come. 

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