Are you a mom who sometimes finds it difficult to STAY encouraged? If you can answer yes to this question, I want to give you this FREE download of POWERFUL motivational affirmations!! 

Being a mom is HARD WORK! and it's easy to become discouraged if you're not careful. This printable was designed with the weary mom in mind. You MUST encourage yourself along this mom journey, even if no one else will. We are women of faith and believe whole heartedly that the help of the lord is our help! 

1 Samuel 30:6  - Scripture speaks of David and how he was greatly distressed and yet encouraged himself in the Lord.

Download and Print this page, then hang it on your refrigerator or anywhere in your home that you can see it daily and be continually encouraged! Don't stop there... SPEAK these words out loud to yourself  each day or whenever you began to feel discouraged and watch how your strength becomes increased!! Not because we believe so much in ourselves or our own abilities, but because we believe in GOD and in his power to be strong in our weakness! 


**This is a FREE downloadable PDF file only**
Simply download and print!! 

Enjoy! and God Bless!


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