Dear Stay At Home Mom Who Feels Like A SLAVE...You Are Not a Slave!

Do you sometimes feel like you are a SLAVE to your household and children more so than a mother? It's a harsh reality for some stay at home moms, but I come to encourage you TODAY!! 

Being a mom in any form is... HARD!  Whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, breastfeeding mom, bottle feeding mom, whatever! Today I want to talk to my SAHM's (stay at home moms) though. I want you to know that I hear you and I understand. I know first hand that motherhood is hard work, but like I always say.....

"though it's hard work, it's the good work of the Lord!" 

Please Don't Give Up!!

I know it sometime feels as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders and like what you do day in and day out for your family doesn’t really matter to them or anyone at all. I know at times you sit in the car, plop your head on the steering wheel and just cry. I know sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and scream that you’ve had enough of all of this!! But can I tell you something... You matter and you can't give up now!

As stay at home moms there are a lot of responsibilities that we face each day and having children at home to care for does not make any of our responsibilities any easier either. Contrary to popular belief a stay at home moms job is not easy and they don't sit around all day with absolutely nothing to do! There's cooking 3 meals a day (and preparing snacks), cleaning every room of the house, (and sometimes re-cleaning after kids make a constant mess!), piles of laundry to wash dry, fold and put away, dishes to be cleaned, boogers and butts to wipe, floors to clean, school work to create and teach (in some cases), boo boo's and bumps to kiss, fights to disengage, tears to dry up and the list just goes on and on...

And the truth of the matter is that some moms feel plain ol' overwhelmed, worn out and trapped! You feel like you are always burdened with the task of caring for someone else and never for yourself. You may be feeling like you have no other choice and like you are in some way bound by your own children. You feel enslaved to your home and families because of all that you do and you shouldn't have to feel this way. Dear precious mom you are NOT a slave! You are a mother, a wife, a home keeper and many other great things, but a slave you are not.  Motherhood was never meant to be a burden, but rather a blessing. If I could encourage you today and say don't give up. I know it's a lot and I know other parts of life may be wearing on you as well, but take comfort in knowing that the help of the Lord is our help.
You are not alone and YES God does care about the things that concern you. God created you and formed you, he is all knowing and everything he does he does it well. God knows you and cares for you deeply! Scripture tells us in Matthew 10:30 that even the number of hairs on your head are numbered by God. God cares and knows every part of you. Even your weighed down heart and soul. The same God who cares enough to number and know every count of hair on your head is the same God who catches your falling tears and knows what each one of them means. He's a good god and a good father! Cast your cares on him today for he cares for YOU!

1 Peter5:7 -Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Matthew 10:30 -  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
No matter what you may be facing, no matter what the adversity, know that God cares. And not only does he care, he is faithful to listen when the righteous cry out to him AND answer. Lay your problems at the feet of the cross today and ask God to help you. 

 If you are a mom reading this blog today, it is a part of my call to help encourage you and guide you to the source of strength. His name is Jesus! 

No one wants to be enslaved or FEEL enslaved to anyone! So if you are battling these types of feelings, lets talk about how you can overcome them starting TODAY!! 

It will encourage you and help strengthen you along your journey of motherhood! Check it out in our shop at the top of this site. Its available for digital download on your pc, phone or tablet (email me at  As well as in print form! 

So, you are the one washing all the dishes after having to collect them from all over the house because no one will simply place them in the sink!

You mom are the one collecting all the dirty laundry, washing it, folding it and putting it away... All by yourself!

You are the one who never gets to go out the house for anything other than groceries (and that feels like a mini getaway)

You're breaking your back trying to hold the household together and it seems like no one cares about it at all, not even your husband!

Toys are all over the place, the dog is acting a nut and hubby refuses to pick up his dirty laundry after dropping them right on the floor after work!

Your kid has his face stuck in video games all day instead of helping you with any of the chores. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you wondering what in the world can you do about it!!??
I want to help you, because life as a stay at home mom should NOT make you feel like a slave and chances are that your family doesn't realize you feel this way. Chances are also likely that every one in the home has gotten so used to it being the way it is that it's become everyone's "norm". BUT it doesn't have to be, you have the power and authority to change the situation. Keep reading...

1. I would start by talking to the husband, if you believe he is part of the reason you feel the way you do, this is a good place to start. You two should talk and get into agreement with one another. Let expectations and needs be discussed openly and calmly so that it is clear for both individuals. He has needs that must be met and so do you.  Remember you love this person and he loves you, don't be shy, tell him how you feel and what you're thinking. Surely you can come to agreement about how he can help you better and how you can help him better as well. I would also suggest taking some time to pray beforehand.  Talk to the Lord prior to speaking with the hubby and watch how much better the conversation will go! 

2. Now that you and hubby are on the same page, it's time to meet with the children. This conversation will go a bit differently with the kids than it did with your husband. Remember, you and hubby are a united team, so stand together in whatever decision you have made for the household. It's a good time now to explain and tell the children that mommy is NOT their maid or slave. Tell them that it is now time (if they are old enough) to start helping mommy out around the house. I would implement a good old fashioned chore chart if I were you! And lucky for you, if you don't have one already you can get one here from Mothers With Love!! I've got you covered mama.

Kids at just about any age can help around the house. Even if it's just small things like picking up their toys and putting them in the proper place, they can help! It not only helps you precious mom but it also helps the child to learn responsibility. It's never too early to start teaching children about cleanliness and responsibility. 

3. Now it's time to implement what has been discussed and mapped out on the chore chart! Kids LOVE charts! When they can see their tasks written out and then have the opportunity to check tasks off on a list it makes it more entertaining for them AND the tasks get done without you having to do them all! Win Win! right. 

Now, if your children are not really old enough to help with washing and folding and that sort of thing. Then this is where your teammate comes in to help. Your husband is your partner so if you are struggling to do it all, ask for help when it's needed. Remember he goes to work everyday too so don't expect him to do EVERYTHING you do everyday. However, he certainly can help if things get to be too much. You mom can help yourself by learning to better manage your time and divide tasks appropriately for yourself. Not because you're a slave but because you love your family. We do all things in love and as unto the Lord not because we are slaves. 

I hope you found something useful in this blog post to help or encourage you in this area of life and motherhood. I love you precious mom and God loves you too! You got this! Remember change is going to start with YOU and it can start today!




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