6 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples on Valentine's Day!!

If you are excited about Valentine's Day but don't really want to stick with the tradition of dinner and a movie... Mothers With Love has you covered!

We've put together a list of to-do's this Valentines Day. Check it out!

If you yourself have any other great ideas you'd like to add to the list, comment in this blog and let us know, It may get added to our list!

1. Re-do Your Very First Date! 
 This can actually be super cute and fun!! It will have you both reminiscing about how you met and the first time you connected as a couple. Hubby can go as far as leaving out for a few hours so that you can get dressed and ready for the night, then show up to the door with flowers to pick you up for the date! Another cute idea would be to wear the same colors you wore that night, wear your hair just the way you did that day or incorporate any other special memories you have from that very special first date.

2. A Painting Class! 
  There are many different painting classes offered these days for couples. One of the most known is probably Painting With a Twist (not sponsored). These classes are an excellent date night idea! It involves you and your spouse creating something together (that won't leave you with morning sickness in a few weeks 😉) which always encourages closeness and most likely some laughter too! Now, in these paint sessions alcohol is allowed and widely encouraged by the facility. However, you do not have to partake in drinking alcohol. May I suggest however taking some sparkling cider or some type of sparkling non-alcoholic beverage to sip on during your session. You don't have to be intoxicated to enjoy your spouse or your evening. This fun evening in a painting class is extra special because you're left with something to take home with you at the end of the night!

3. Jazz Cafe!
Around here where I live, there are many jazz cafe's that just may interest you. One in particular is the Aretha Franklin Jazz Cafe in downtown Detroit. But if you're not from around here, check out what is local in your city. I'm sure you will find some interesting spots you probably never knew existed before now. Explore what's available near you.

4. Romantic One Night Hotel Getaway
If you are fortunate enough to have someone watch your children for the evening, plan a romantic one night get away in the city with your spouse. No dirty dishes to wash and no crying children. Find a nice hotel you two have never been to and check in for a night! It will be like a night out, but in! Check out new restaurants near by, have dinner and go back to your room for dessert! (ya'll married, enjoy!) Lot's of hotels offer discounts and specials for Valentine Day as well.

5. A Comedy Show!
During special times like Valentine's Day, many places organize comedy shows! Again, do some research, search around and see what comedy shows will be happening in your city on Valentine's Day. Comedy shows offer specials during Valentines, so look around.

6. Couples Spa!
Need to relax and unwind, consider a nice couples massage! Valentine's Day is a hot time for these businesses so take advantage of their special offers and discounts specifically for couples.


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