5 Heartfelt and Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts From Her to Him

The "holiday" of celebrating LOVE is quickly approaching... Valentine's Day!!

The special day many couples celebrate together with gifts of flowers, balloons and chocolate candies. It is estimated that 224 MILLION roses are grown and cultivated just for Valentine's Day each year.

If you've been married for a while though you're probably trying to think of something more heartfelt and unique for your spouse this Valentine's Day. Are you ready!? If not, nows the time to prepare. Now, because we are Mothers With Love this post will be geared towards gifts from her (the wife) to him (the husband).

Feeling a little stumped on what to give??? No worries! Here are a few of my GREAT ideas to help you out this year, check it out!! And feel free to improvise to perfectly fit you and your husband, ENJOY!

1. A Letter!- Now, to some of you this may seem a little corny or even a bit silly BUT in my opinion giving your husband a truly heartfelt letter telling him exactly what he means to you and how much you love him is one of the sweetest heartfelt things you can do for your hubs on Valentine's Day (or any day for that matter). Men like to hear from their wives that they are loved just as women do. Our husbands work hard for us and our families, this Valentine's Day instead of a store bought card, write to him what you feel straight from the heart! And don't forget the details! He'll love it!

2. Hot Oil Massage- Prepare your bedroom for a nice relaxing massage for him! Perhaps he's been a little stressed lately or a bit overworked. I'm sure he'd appreciate a hot oil massage. If you and hubby have a favorite oil you like to use, work it out! If not, may I suggest coconut oil, olive oil or even baby oil! Keep the romance going all night by starting with a hot oil message. It's Valentine's Day, why not! It's a great way for him to relax and for you to show your love. Don't forget his feet😉

3. Photo Memory Book- Do you still have all the old photos from when you first met and the special ones from througout the years? Collect them all together and arrange them in a photo book with a few words describing the memory and how it makes you feel to this day. He's sure to love this idea! It's a good feeling to look back from where you first started up until now. May even bring on a few happy tears for you both! If you don't have physical photo copies, Walgreens can upload photos from your cell phone or computer and add them to a lovely keepsake book!! Filled with your memories on every page! You can even add your own words. It's a really nice sentiment!! Check it out at walgreens.com or stop in to any store ( not sponsored).

4. All About You Basket- Get a basket and fill it with a bunch of all his favorite things! These things can be big or small, just be sure it's stuffed with all things he loves!! Like snacks, books, pens, electronics, pictures, comfy pj's, sexy pj's, lingerie (for you to wear and him to enjoy!), music, whatever he likes! If you're going to try the hot oil massage here's a good place to put a bottle of oil. Only you know what he'd want best. So take some time on this one ladies, put some real thought into it and you can't lose!

5. Five Senses Gift Pack!- This Valentine's Day give him something to excite all his senses! Something he can see, touch/feel, hear, smell and taste!!! This 5 senses gift is not your ordinary gift pack. Let's break it down shall we....

Sight- Wear his favorite piece of lingerie he likes to see you in or buy something new he's never seen but you know he'd love!

Touch-  Girl just let him touch YOU in that sexy lingerie! 😂

Sound- Include some romantic music. A cd or playlist of his favorite love songs.

Smell-  Cologne and perfume. Remember this is for him. So if he likes to smell good I know he loves it when you do too! Get his favorites. Also with this you can include some scented candles that will aid in setting a romantic atmosphere for your evening.

Taste- Edibles such as strawberries are a romantic way to get the evening started. Chocolate covered strawberries are not only pleasing to the eye, but they taste amazing! Make him feel extra special by feeding them to him after dinner and before bed 😜.

So there you have it, 5 great heartfelt romantic gifts for your husband this Valentine's Day! Remember you can add to these or take away whatever you choose. Choose one, two or even try them ALL!!! Just remember to keep YOUR spouse in mind throughout the entire planning process.  Think of the things that he would enjoy and cherish. That's what's going to make this all so special. Enjoy your spouse and celebrate love! It's a blessing!!

If you enjoyed this blog post, please feel free to share your comments! I love to hear from my readers!!! Also, feel free to share some of your own ideas! Thanks for reading. Happy Valentine's Day❤


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