You're the Best Mom for the Job!

Do you ever struggle with the feeling of inadequacy as a mother?
Like someone else would be more equipped to take care and raise your children better than you? 
If so, i'm speaking to you today precious mom, yes YOU! I want to be a voice of encouragement to you today and say, you dear mom are the BEST mom for the job!

With bags under your eyes... you're still the best!

With rebellious're the best!

Without a clue on how to start... you're still the best! For the job.

You have been hand made and specially selected by God to carry out your role as mother. If God see's you fit, where do your own self doubts come from? Could it be comparison that has your heart uneasy? Measuring yourself to what you see in others is not ideal,  however it has been found to be very common. Mothers get so caught up in what they think they see in others that they drive themselves into a frenzy attempting to compete with what they THINK they see in someone else.

Can I just testify to the fact that there is JOY in motherhood and if we are not careful we lose out on the joy of it by comparing ourselves to others. You have to be the mother that God is calling you to be without any regard to how someone else is doing it. It's often said that parenting comes with no handbook and it's further misunderstood that we are thrown into motherhood without any help at all. God is our help, in every situation in every struggle, in every bit of trouble, in every loss of strength, God is a very present help! God is ready to breathe new life and joy to your soul today weary mom.

You are not lacking what is needed for your children. You are equipped with what is needed for your children that the Lord has placed in your care. Repeat after me... " I am enough"

Oftentimes we fall for the repeated lie in our head that speaks to say you are not enough. Perhaps this thought has lingered because of the lack of education you think you don't have or perhaps it could be just a total lack of self confidence. You have to know that God is with you and you will not fail. I myself have been flooded with thoughts of self doubt when it comes to being a mother, but I what I have come to realize and understand is that I am NOT in this thing alone! And through Christ I can do all things. And if there is one thing I know, it's that whatever God does he does it well! My boast is not in me, but rather in the one who created me, loves me, stands with me and by me, comforts me, leads me, guides me, helps me, defends for me, my glory, the lifter up of my head, my God! Let your weary soul be healed today precious mom. Motherhood is your calling, your current assignment and you have within you what you need to carry it through till the end. Weary mom, please don't give up! You're the BEST mom for the job!

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