3 Steps to Releasing Mom Guilt

 3 Steps to Releasing Mom Guilt!

Oh mom guilt! Mom guilt can happen to the best of us at any point in our mommy journey. But there are some things you can start doing TODAY to release that guilt and go on with JOY IN MOTHERHOOD!! No matter what your situation God is ready with the solution!

What is Mom Guilt???  Mom Guilt is the feeling of doubt, anxiousness or uncertainty experienced by mothers when they fear they're failing or falling short of expectations set by themselves or others.

We feel guilty when we feel like we're not spending enough time with our children.

We feel guilty when we're not as engaged in with playing with our children, while we accomplish other daily goals.

We feel guilty when our children are not as well put together as some others appear to be. Feeling like we have failed in some way.

We feel guilty when we think we should be doing more for our kids or our households.

We feel guilty when one child seemingly receives more time and attention than another.

We feel guilty about our dinner choices. Like feeding our kids cereal for DINNER! (it happens mama)

We feel guilty when we take time out for ourselves, with the feeling that our kids may be suffering or perhaps may need us for something and we are not there.

And the list just goes on and on....

The question is...  HOW DO WE GET OVER IT!?!?  

We're going to talk about just that! 

Let me start by saying these feelings are common among mothers. Simply because we LOVE our children so much! They are literally a part of us and our hearts. We want nothing but the best for our children, and that's OK, However, when you start feeling guilty about every little thing that you THINK you may be doing wrong or could possibly doing better, it can be very unhealthy. There's nothing wrong with loving  your child, but be mindful to keep BALANCE. Your child more than likely is going to be JUST FINE. We worry ourselves unnecessarily about things no one, not even our kids, really care about. So shake off the mom guilt and go forth in joy! You are doing a GREAT work. Hard work, but a good work indeed precious mom.

Here we list 3 simple steps to help you overcome mom guilt

  1. Release it and Rest: The fact of the matter is this, even if you've done something to be guilty for,  acknowledge it, repent and MOVE FORWARD. Release it and rest on precious mom. Don't allow guilt to settle itself in your heart, so much so that you cannot forgive yourself and walk in peace. What a privilege it is to carry EVERYTHING to God in prayer. We can go to the father in prayer  and God is faithful to forgive. Now forgive yourself! Furthermore, most of the things moms feel guilty about are not worthy of the guilty emotion. You are allowed to take time out for yourself every now and again. You are allowed to get angry (just don't sin) it's a natural emotion. You are allowed to make pancakes for dinner ( I do for the kids, often lol).  It's OK!! Forget what you pinned on Pinterest. Release the things that are weighing you down in guilt and  give yourself permission to live in the JOY of Motherhood!
  2. Acknowledge the Good: Often times moms struggle with guilt because the worries of all they think they've done wrong. So, one simple way to overcome that guilt is to acknowledge for yourself all the things that you've done good. If it helps you, make an actual list, write it out and clear your mind of the clutter. You'll most likely find that the list of good outweighs the "bad". You're not doing half as bad as you may think. 
  3. Be Realistic: Create for yourself real goals that you are able to achieve each day. For example: instead of searching Pinterest for 5 course meals to make for your family, when your schedule really calls for 20min spaghetti, create a more realistic achievable dinner option. That way you won't feel guilty about not making that 5 course meal. Create a realistic goal for YOURSELF and follow thru with it without the guilt of falling short of your goal. Now, if you have time to make your family a 5 course meal GO FOR IT!Truth is us moms have a lot to do each day! Be true to yourself and what you can realistically do for your kids and family.
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