New Addition to the Family!

New Addition to the Family! 

About 2 months ago the husband and I came into agreement to purchase the children a DOG! 

The kids had been asking for one for quite some time, specifically my oldest son who is 8yrs old. However, my husband didn't think it was such a great idea.  I personally loved the idea of having a cute little puppy running around the yard with the kids!  So, time went on, months and months passed on by and then one day IT HAPPENED... 

My husband texted me from work and said "why am I thinking of buying the kids a dog!?" I jumped on the opportunity to encourage his decision, lol. He told me the children must be praying and asking God to change my heart concerning the matter. I thought that was hilarious and probably very true! We've always taught our children they can talk to God about anything on their little hearts.

Long story short, I found a lady on Facebook who was a breeder and selling a liter of adorable shih-tzu puppies ( I recommend highly researching the breeder you purchase from). I reached out to her regarding the sale and the rest is history! We took a one hour drive to Fenton, MI to pick up this adorable 9 week old black and white puppy! I was so excited I could hardly stand it! We kept it a surprise from the kids until we picked her up. All they knew was that we had a surprise for them and boy oh boy were they surprised when they caught the revelation that this was their very own puppy and they could take her home and keep her forever! 

The children named her Lily (so fitting) and we are just in love with her! She's a sweet little pup and we look forward to her growing up with us and our family. 

Over the last couple of months Lily has grown from a tiny 2.5lbs to 4.5lbs!  She is now 4mths old and is showing her little personality! She can definitely be a feisty at times and soooo stubborn! But all and all she is still our little sweet pup. We are all learning how to adapt and coexist. It's a process i'm glad to be in it. Stay tuned for all the adorable updates and pics of our new family addition we call Lily!

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