There IS JOY in Motherhood!

There is JOY in Motherhood!

Listen, I know first hand that the life of motherhood comes with it's share of struggles. Motherhood is often times described my others as the hardest job in the world! And I believe it is!  Days are often filled with clutter and confusion, if you're not careful, but in the midst of it all there is great Joy that cannot be measured. Thank God we are not in this alone. The Lord is our help.

For me personally, the last week of mommy life has been rough! With kids fighting, loud screams and constant crying, it's been a bit frustrating. Not to mention I am preparing for our homeschool year as well (that's a whole other story).  However, i'm reminded by the holy spirit that you must constantly look for and remember the joy in it all. Our kids can give us the biggest headaches, but they also fill our hearts and lives with an abundance of Joy! They are uniquely designed this way.

When your life is full of clutter, mess and confusion, it makes it difficult to hear the voice God. Hearing the voice of God as a mother is essential! Being led by he the Holy Spirit is also essential. We need the Lord to lead and guide us all along the way. I believe we lose the joy of mothering when we take our eyes off of Jesus and rather focus on everything else that has come to trouble our days. Life comes with many ups and downs, but it's important to stay focused and FIND THE GOOD IN IT ALL!

The baby may be crying (screaming) uncontrollably:
But what would you feel like if you could never hear your babies cry??? Find the JOY in it. Cuddle your sweet baby precious mom.  You will probably miss it when they're older.

Kids may be running all over the place and crawling all over you!
But what if they were not there and you were left alone in silence. What would you feel like if your precious kid NEVER wanted to be around you or sit all over you? Find the JOY and enjoy a lap visit from your kid (s). Enjoy the noise that now fills your home. They are likely noises of laughter and childhood joy. Rather than focusing on the negative (and it's easy to do) try focusing on the positive. Laugh with them, play with them! You'll be much happier if you do.

8 Reasons WHY moms lose their joy in motherhood

  1. We sometimes get overly consumed with what's going "wrong"
  2. We care TOO MUCH about other peoples opinion of how we parent
  3. Comparing yourself to other mothers
  4. Lost of focus on whats most important
  5. Disorganization
  6. Unreal expectations
  7. Uncontrolled Children
  8. Losing YOU
I encourage you today to rediscover the joy you once had as being a mother. Then hold on to it for dear life! There IS JOY in motherhood.

Adale Mitchell
Mother's With Love

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"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

                                          Romans 15:13


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