Education Starts at Home

It's the month of September and in many places that means it's time for school to begin again for our children! Some are starting school for the very first time, others are returning for a new year. Whatever the case, it's a new beginning for your growing bundle of joy!

Parents tend to enjoy this season, as they are able to now get a bit of a break from the everyday all day mommy duties of life by sending their kid off to school. For others it's a bitter sweet moment to watch their little one go off into a whole new world- without them. I encourage you however to not only prepare yourself for this new time, but prepare your child as well. Education for a child begins well BEFORE they enter into the classroom. As a matter of fact, teachers and school administers EXPECT your child(ren) to already know a number of things prior to starting kindergarten or even pre-school. Children are expected to be able to recognize most letters and numbers, socialize well with others, use the bathroom independently, use fine motor skills, write their own name and more!

Why am I talking to you about this on Mothers with Love you ask? We are all about encouraging mothers like YOU! I want moms to be encouraged that we have an awesome responsibility as parents and mothers to not only love and nurture our children at home but to also educate them as well. If you are solely relying on the school system to teach your child to read and write you will find your child quickly falling behind their peers and even possibly failing in school.

Let's not also forget about the need to teach your child about love and kindness toward others. This starts at home precious mom. Children learn at a young age the importance of kindness and empathy towards others.. How? From YOU! The care and kindness that you show your children will show up in the way that they treat others. So be mindful in the way you speak and the way you show them affection at home. It's a natural thing for children to emulate what they see and it all starts with you. The bible say start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Ways to Build Kindness in Children:

  1. Model Kind behavior
  2. Reassess how you play with your children. Do you play in a way that shows kindness and respect?
  3. Show them the joy in helping other people
  4. Correct incorrect behavior towards others immediately! 
  5. Enforce kindness with siblings and parents


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