Who Are YOU??

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of life. With motherhood comes a lot of good and even some.....not so good. However, through it all we are blessed to be given such a title and responsibility. Let's face it, some how at some point during our time of being mother, it seems all to easy to lose sight of YOU and who you really are and what you enjoying doing outside of being a mom. Somewhere in between the two million diaper changes, the breastfeeding, the baths, the preparing dinners and EVERYTHING else that you do. You've somehow lost our own identity. Your spouse can even forget who YOU are. You used to have a name, now he calls you mommy too, lol. You used to have hobbies and friends and it seems like now the only person you seem to be is mom and that's not really a bad thing!  The women you once called friends have slowly drifted away and no longer care to associate with you, as now you no longer have the same things in common. And after your long exhausting days of working, cooking, cleaning, ironing, changing tiny bottoms and everything in between, you look at your tired face in the bathroom mirror and realize you have NO IDEA who you are anymore. You love your children unconditionally, every tiny little special piece of them and you literally can't imagine your life without them. Yet, you struggle with the guilt of feeling like there has to be more to life than this...being a mom.

It's a real life thought process that many mothers have thought about and even felt. The thought has pondered so in their minds that it has taken root in their hearts and the spirit of depression has crept in unaware. Listen, can I encourage you today to just pick yourself up, dust yourself off; you and your pumps and smile again!! Don't get stuck in depression, sorrow or guilt. Yes you have been chosen to mother some pretty special people. Yes the responsibility is great and to whom much is given much is required. Find comfort in knowing that you do not have to bare it alone. God is able and willing to be your help (insert smile). Matthew 11:28 declares that when we come to God, even in our tiredness or weakness, he will be there to give us rest. I know that you can go to God no matter what!! and you can pour all your cares on him, knowing that his precious holy spirit will comfort you and guide you through whatever it is you're facing.

I want you to know that IT'S OK to take a mommy break often and take some time to do some of the things you love! Take a good look inside of yourself  and remember that you still exist and yes you, and your sanity, is very important. Come out of the frumpy sweat clothes, remove the scrunchy from your hair, let loose and have some fun just being you. You can escape to a relaxing bubble bath for a good read in your favorite book. Or go waltzing out to do some shopping at Target...without the children!! lol. Finish writing the book you started before you became a mom, plan a night out with family or friends, roller skate, go to the theater. Whatever floats your boat. Do YOU precious mom. Leave the little one(s) with someone you trust for a few hours and do you! It's O.K!  Doesn't mean you don't love being a mom or that you don't adore your children. I promise!  Don't forget about you.

-Mother's With Love-


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